Become Donum VIP!

Give your friends and family a truly personalized gift as often as you would like thanks to the savoir-faire of Maison Donum.
On each object you can add a silver plaque, engraved with text of your choice by a diamond cutter . . . and make gift giving easy. . . for years to come. 

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400,00 € tax incl.

Become a Donum VIP!

At Donum, we think that every event is an opportunity to offer a unique gift. We give you the possibility to offer your friends and family a truly unique gift, personalized with the text of your choice. . . initials, name or date. 

What are the advantages?
As a Donum VIP, you will be assigned an account manager who becomes your main point of contact with Donum and will assist you throughout the purchasing process. This person can also assist with processing your special requests online or via email.
Your account manager is there to act as a personal assistant and will remind you, if you wish, of upcoming occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. so that you can easily choose the appropriate gift and have time left over to enjoy life.
In addition, personalization is free for our VIP members, no matter the chosen product, and this is guaranteed for life!
As soon as your order is confirmed, you will receive (within 48 hours) a call to put in place your Donum VIP program preferences.
Your account manager will then personally take care of your orders and organize the following year's deliveries for the times and locations you desire. Complete your shopping for the year, in a day.