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Our Company – Our Values

In Latin, Donum means “gift.” A gift from Donum is a gift that is both unique and exclusive as we only offer “Limited Edition” designs. In addition, every item from Donum can be easily personalized with a short text or monogram.

We believe that by offering a gift that is rare and created with individual attention that it shows the recipient how they are truly unique as well. Rare and exclusive are guiding principles in everything we do at Donum.

The art of the gift à la Française: Give a gift that will be treasured for generations.

Every object from Donum whether it is jewellery, decorative porcelain, silk scarves. . . every object revisits a bit of history from past generations, translated into contemporary design for the modern-day lifestyle.

Laure searches throughout France for the finest materials, exceptional artisans and unique savoir-faire so that Donum can offer you the finest selection in handmade gifts.

The Maison Donum guarantees the authenticity of all our products as 100% made in France. From the first sketches to the elaborate packaging, every step of the creation process for a gift from Donum happens in France. Behind each creation there are exceptional people, artisans of excellence. Each step of the production process is likewise controlled and kept to a high standard.

When you offer a gift from Donum, you are giving a magic moment. All the minute details have been taken into consideration, the ribbon has been tied carefully, everything has been made with your recipient in mind. . .

Now, it is your turn to give the perfect gift. Give a gift from Donum.

Our Staff

Alexandra Poudreux Groussard - Fondatrice Donum

Julie Fortuit

Alexandra Groussard - Owner

Julie Fortuit 

Kristina, Séverine, Christelle, Delsy, Rachel ...  Luc our webmaster and Emmanuel our designer.

If you are interested in having your company’s products featured on Donum, please send your current product catalogue to j.fortuit@laureselignac.fr