An Eternal Gift : Personalised Gifts From Donum Paris

Personalised Gifts From Donum Paris

The Maison Donum PARIS offers to personalize your gifts. 

Uniquely at the Maison Donum, we exclusively offer products created entirely in France. . . products that represent the best of France.

Our porcelain is hand-painted and the personalized text applied by hand in fine gold. On all other products offered by Maison Donum we add a diamond cut silver plate engraved with your customized text.

Choose your product:
You have the ability to engrave the text of your choice on your gift. On porcelain, the text is hand-painted by the artists and all other Donum products we add an engraved silver plaque personalized with a text of your choice.

The Donum brand has several objectives.
For over 15 years, the Maison Laure Selignac ( has been selling personalized Limoges porcelain online. We accompany you throughout the process of choosing your gift and the personalization of these gifts marking life's most memorable events. Working with you throughout this process is always a great pleasure and honor for us.

Choose your creation.
On every creation offered by the Maison Donum, you have the possibility to engrave the text of your choice on a silver plaque - 17€. 
Should you choose a porcelain piece from Donum, your text will be hand-painted by our artists at the atelier in France -17€.

Create the perfect personalization
Choose the font the best fits the product and the occasion. Create a unique piece for your event. For all non-porcelain pieces, a diamond-cut engraved silver plaque will be positioned on the gift.