Why offer a French silk scarf from Donum Paris ?

In French, we refer to silk scarves as “foulards.” This word comes from the root word “foulé” which means “light fabric.” The scarf was originally a simple, large square (in cotton or silk) that women wore to protect them from the sun, wind or cold.

In French Provence years ago, it was customary for a gentleman to offer a scarf to the woman he loved as a declaration of his love. If the young woman agreed to wear the scarf, this was a clear sign that they were engaged.

However, it was the American Indian who first used silk scarves to protect themselves from the cold and wind.

There is even a famous story, written by Confucius in the 1700 BC, that tells the story of how a silk cocoon fell by chance into the tea cup of the young Empress Leizu. The teenage princess reached to take the cocoon out of her cup but instead it began to unravel. It seemed to go forever (some say one cocoon can produce 1.5 kilometers of silk). According to the legend, she was overwhelmed with the quantity of silk thread and did not want to waste it. She decided to make a scarf and she became known in Chinese mythology as a goddess of silk.


French Silk comes in various qualities:

-Soft to the touch
-Elasticity; high quality silk unwrinkles easily
-Ability to absorb water; good quality silk can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water
-Strength; a silk thread of 1mm in diameter can hold up to 45 kg
-Holds warm; silk is warm in the winter and cool in the summer


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